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About Me
I'm a Ph.D. candidate at CUNY Grad Center in New York City, and over the years I've had the opportunity to teach harmony and ear-training at a few area schools (Queens College, NYU, and William Paterson University.) As you might gather from browsing around, I am somewhat obsessed with creating my own pedagogical materials and sharing them online.

Right now I am at home trying to finally bang out my dissertation and get on the full-time job market. I plan to gradually rebuild the site in order to share all of the stuff I've made (and possibly show off my wares for future interviewers.)

Feel free to use any of the software, handouts, and worksheets you may find here - just don't sell them or otherwise claim them as your own work.

You can also email me with any questions or comments.

If you are a student or teacher who has benefited from the offerings on this site, perhaps you would like to donate a token amount to keep things going. (I'd suggest $5 for students and $25 for teachers, though of course you are welcome to continue using the stuff for free.)

(Your contribution is not tax deductible. My students at The Brooklyn Conservatory are not invited to donate.)